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Lash & Brow 

Get the look, skip the daily hassle!

Lash Lift                                $80

Get an intense, eye-opening look with this quick and easy treatment. This low-maintenance treatment gives new life to your natural lashes. Lashes are stretched upwards directly from the lash line thus appearing visually thicker and lengthened. After this treatment you will wake up every morning with perfectly lifted, vibrant lashes.


Lash Tint                               $40

Have you wish for well-defined lashes without so much as a sweep of mascara? Then an eyelash tint might be for you. This no-hassle treatment uses eye safe dye to create more dramatic, darker lash. Get the look, Skip the mascara.


Lash Lift & Tint                     $100

Do you dream of long, dramatic lashes giving you that bight-eyed look without the hassle of lash curlers and mascara? This dynamic duo will give life to your dreams and more time for your morning coffee.


Brow Lamination                  $80

Get beautiful brows in just minutes! Everyone wants them, but only very few have them: beautifully defined, full and natural-looking brows. In one simple appointment, realign the direction of hair growth to enhance the brow shape creating the look of full, fluffy brows.Wax or Tweezing included. 


Brow Wax & Tint                    $40

Transform your brows by giving them a bold, more defined appearance. Face safe hair dye can be customized to develop the perfect color specifically for you. Wax or Tweezing included. 


Brow Lamination & Tint         $100

Skip the morning brow stress with this ultimate Brow Transformation. 


Brow Wax or Tweezing       $30

Hate tweezing your brows? Let us handle that for you!


Brow and Lip  Wax               $35

Our waxing service includes an application of our medical-grade Stem Biogel by Anteage to help minimize irritation and restore skin barrier.

Applying Mascara


How safe are lash and Brow treatments?

   All products are developed under the strictest guidelines especially for the eye area and are very well    tolerated. In addition, the Lashperm contained in Eyelash Lift contains care components such as collagen and cysteine, which nourish the hair during the treatment.


How often can treatments be repeated?

   The results are temporary lasting roughly 4- 6 weeks.


What is the aftercare?

    Avoid water, heat, or steam on the lashes and brows for 24 hours after treatment to maintain results.

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